A suspicious object that was discovered in Potsdam, Germany, on Friday was actually an improvised explosive device. Police have already defused the bomb and an investigation into the incident has been launched.

Police at the scene

Police at the scene Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

A Christmas market was evacuated Friday in Potsdam, Germany, after a suspicious object was reported. Police officers and bomb experts were rushed to the scene and confirmed that the object was an improvised explosive device.

According to reports from Germany, the bomb has been successfully defused. The explosive device was apparently sent to a pharmacy near the market and when the owner of the store saw that there were wires coming out of the package, he called the authorities. An investigation into the incident has been launched.

Last year, a Tunisian terrorist carried out a truck attack at a Christmas market in Berlin. 12 people, including the driver from whom the terrorist stole the truck, were murdered. One of the victims was an Israeli citizen: Dalia Elyakim. Her husband, Rami, was injured in the terror attack.