Iran has condemned Germany’s decision to designate the Lebanese Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and ban its activities on its soil.

“The decision of the German government is completely disrespectful to the government and people of Lebanon since Hezbollah is an official and legitimate part of the government and the parliament”, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Thursday.

On April 30, spokesman for the German Interior Ministry Steve Alter said that Minister Horst Seehofer had banned the activities of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement across the country.

Last December, the Bundestag called on the government to ban Hezbollah, explaining that Germany is used by the terror group- whose political wing has over 1,000 members – as a militant hideout and logistics center. Politicians also called on the government to stop separating the political and military wings of the Lebanese movement.

In addition, the lawmakers insisted that the government, together with international partners, take measures to reduce the influence of Hezbollah in the Middle East, especially in Syria.