Germany will not follow Britain’s lead in declaring Hezbollah a “terrorist organization”, a senior official was quoted as saying, a decision that has infuriatedd Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

Germany’s Minister of State Niels Annen told weekly news magazine Der Spiegel that the Lebanese ‘resistance movement’ remained a relevant factor in Lebanese society and the European Union had already added its military wing to a list of proscribed groups in 2013.

Britain last month said it would ban all wings of Hezbollah for “destabilizing” the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel have pressured allies to ban Hezbollah in its entirety.

Annen, who spoke to Spiegel after a visit to Lebanon, said Germany was interested in Lebanese stability and Britain’s decision would have no direct impact on the position of Germany or the European Union.

Annen said Berlin’s foreign policy remained focused on finding political solutions even in tough situations.