A third-generation giraffe was born in Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo three weeks ago. Named Mitzi, she was recently introduced to the zoo’s African court exhibit.

The Africa court in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Africa court in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Photo Credit:Miriam Alster/Flash90

A giraffe was born three weeks ago at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Named Mitzi, the calf is the third generation to be born in Jerusalem; her grandmother, Achea, came from South Africa many years ago.

A small giraffe, Mitzi weighed 100 kilograms at birth and is only five feet tall. The normal calf height is about 4 inches taller.

As she grows, Mitzi will reach an estimated height of 18 feet, weighing over a ton. Zookeepers placed her in the African court. After some roughhousing with the ostriches, the exhibit calmed down and all of the animals now get along