SOS Children’s Villages Israel cares for underprivileged children who have had to face harsh realities too early. This Passover, the organization, which is partially funded by the Israeli Welfare Ministry, is planning to take 200 children on an unforgettable field trip.

Photo Credit: Tzahi Vazana

Sarah and her two sisters had very difficult childhoods before arriving at the village. Eventually, they were taken out of their mother’s home by child protective services. The Israeli Welfare Ministry, which partially funds the organization, placed all three sisters in the care of the SOS Children’s Villages Israel. They have been in the village now for almost 7 years.

When they first arrived, their pasts haunted them. Sarah especially had multiple issues stemming from traumas she had gone through. Pent up energy often overflowed into negative expressions of her emotions. School was a challenge because focusing was nearly impossible. All of her strength went to healing and little was left for the activities of a child.

Sarah is one of many children who have to face harsh realities too early in life. All of the children who arrive at the villages come from unfortunate circumstances. Children who experience traumas early on have difficulty dealing with everyday life. Anything can trigger a breakdown or a reminder of something terrible from their pasts. Too often, their reality is focused on what happened in the past, instead of enjoying the present and looking towards the future.

Many of the children in an SOS Children’s Village come from circumstances of poverty and want. They have no energy or resources to enjoy childhood. They have never had the chance to do something “extra,” just for the fun of it.

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Before arriving at the village, many have rarely or never been on a vacation or an organized trip (e.g. a guided hike, camping and swimming in the sea). Some have also never seen other parts of the country and would like to learn more about the place where they live.

SOS Children’s Villages Israel is supported in part by the Ministry of Welfare. This, however, does not cover trips or vacations that happen outside of school. During the long vacations from school, which last up to two months during the summer, the children need to be occupied with positive activities. It is very expensive to bring the children of the villages on trips. As the budget of the organization has been dramatically downsized, SOS Children’s Villages Israel may not be able to provide our kids the chance to explore, to enjoy and to benefit from the added value of leisure activities.

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It would be a shame for the kids of the villages to miss out on classic childhood experiences like swimming, going to a movie and going on a hike.

Photo Credit: Tzahi Vazana

Research shows that fun is essential to a child’s development. SOS Children’s Villages Israel is planning to take the children on a trip that will last several days during the Passover vacation. The trip would include the following activities:

  • Guided hiking tours
  • Tours of historical sites throughout the country
  • Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
  • Trips to cities throughout the country
  • Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or the Sea of Galilee
  • Learning survival skills, e.g. navigation and teamwork through real experiences in the field

Your support gives 200 children from the villages of Megadim and Neradim the opportunity to enjoy life and have something to look forward to. Such a project would encourage:

  • Stable emotional health
  • Improved physical health
  • Development of skills
  • Improvement in school
  • Development of discipline and determination
  • Increased self-confidence
  • FUN!

Click here to help these children have the fulfilled and happy childhood they deserve