GoBaby Go Israel is a voluntary project, sponsored exclusively by donations, that was recently launched in Israel and provides physically disabled children with free customized motorized toy-sized vehicles in order to aid their social development process and give them the freedom to explore their surroundings.

Most of the children who contacted the volunteers at “GoBabyGo” had never had the ability to go anywhere on their own. These children, who are suffering from a variety of debilitating conditions such as Cerebral Palsy (CP) are the focus of an NPO dedicated to helping disabled children in Israel that has decided to import an initiative first started by pediatric researcher Cole Galloway, Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware, USA.

The Basic concept originates from the fact that ordinary toddlers often walk as many as 10,000 steps and spend up to six hours a day exploring their surroundings. Since these children lack the ability to move by themselves they often develope later and adapt passive tendencies. Dr Galloway worked with associates with technical backgrounds and together they were able to modify specialized toy cars to provide a new opportunity to these children. The first GoBabyGo car was born in 2007. 

The new Israeli branch of the project is now completing its first tests. An 8 year old child from Rishon LeZion suffers from CP and was one of the first Israelis to benefit from the Go Baby Go project. The 8 year old’s condition required that the control over the vehicle be operated from his feet to his hands. The chair was eventually made to fit his exact needs after a long adjustment process. Now he can enjoy a vehicle designated for his special needs. 

While the labor for the project was 100% voluntary, the cars and specialized modifications are expensive. Since the aim of the project is to provide these children and their families with this life-changing service for free, the company depends solely on the generosity and kindness of strangers willing to help. 

Go Baby Go Israel has been adopted by the non profit organization of “Nitzanei Rishon” and is operated by 3 physical therapists who are volunteer experts. “Since we launched the project we have received dozens of inquiries and requests and the excitement we see on the faces of the customers who are enjoying our completed projects and those to come fill us with immense pride. Any donations are helpful and we will highly appreciate any help we receive to achieve our ultimate goal of helping each child we possibly could.”

Go Baby Go Israel website or check their Facebook Page For more information or questions – contact them by email-[email protected].