The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 120-129 winning the NBA Finals in a series of 4-1 games. Kevin Durant led the team with 39 points while Steph Curry added another 34 points.

Durant and Curry in their historic season

Durant and Curry in their historic season Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

For the second time within three years, the Golden State Warriors are the NBA Finals champions after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers once again early this morning (Tuesday). The fifth game held in Oakland, giving the Warriors a home court advantage, ended with a 120-129 scoreboard and the Warriors closed 4-1 in the NBA Finals series.

Kevin Durant led Golden State’s scoreboard scoring 39 points in his first playoff series. Steph Curry added 34 points, Andre Iguodala added 20, Klay Thompson added 11, Draymond Green added 10, Patrick McCaw added 6, Shaun Livingston added 5 and David West added 4 points.

As expected for Cleveland, LeBron James came in as the leading scorer with 41 points. However, the Warriors were still able to overcome and reclaim their title from Cleveland, which beat them in last year’s NBA Finals.