The Israeli government is holding a special meeting in order to discuss methods to improve mobility around the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall and incentives for civil servants willing to relocate to the capital.

Photo Credit: Raad Ibrahim / Channel 2 News

The government is expected to hold today (Sunday) its weekly meeting in the Western Wall Tunnels in honor of Jerusalem Day and 50th anniversary celebration for the reunification of the city following the Six Days War. During the meeting, the ministers will discuss various projects for the Israeli capital, among them the construction of an elevator and underground passages in the Western Wall plaza and the construction of a cable railway.

The main goal of the projects is to solve the mobility issues between the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall. The plan is likely to serve about a quarter of the ten million visitors to the area every year. These days, the only way to reach the Western Wall from the Jewish Quarter is by descending 26 meters of steps, creating problems for people with disabilities, the elderly, parents with small children and others.

The government is also expected to approve a program of incentives for civil servants who relocate to the capital. As a part of the program, civil servants willing to relocate to Jerusalem as well as government officials already living in the city who do not own an apartment will receive priority consideration for long-term lease contracts in the capital. The legal department of the team working on this project claimed that this proposal raises serious questions regarding equality that should be answered.