The sources said the chances that the government will promote a bill to allow same-sex surrogacy are “close to zero” as long as ultra-Orthodox MK Yaakov Litzman is Health Minister.

Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

After the Supreme Court suspended its ruling on allowing surrogacy for same-sex couples, in order to allow lawmakers to promote new legislation on the issue, government sources on Friday said there is “zero chance” such a bill will be approved under the current coalition.

The issue falls under the purview of the Health Ministry, which is currently led by MK Yaakov Litzman of the ultra-Orthodox UTJ party. According to the sources, Litzman neither is nor intends to be involved in discussions with the LGBT community on this issue, and therefore the chances of it being promoted are non-existent.

The court’s decision came on the same day of the annual Jerusalem pride parade, which drew thousands to the streets demanding equality.

Two weeks ago, the government officially stated that same-sex couples cannot adopt children in Israel, sparking a heated debate.