Rocket explodes near bus, shard shoots through window

Rocket Explosion, Central Israel, This Morning

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Egged’s line 33 was making its way to Ofakim when a Grad rocket exploded outside of Be’er Sheva, not far from it, and a shard shot through one of the windows. The bus, which carried many passengers pulled over, and miraculously there were none injured. Magen Daviv Adom teams escorted the passengers to a different bus.

This morning at 9:00, a moment before the cease-fire, a barrage of rockets was fired at the city of Be’er Sheva, and 4 rockets exploded in unsettled areas. At the same time Egged’s line 33 was making its way to Ofakim when a rocket shard hit it. It hit one of the windows in the back part of the bus, and fortunately there were none injured.

Hamas put all its efforts in attempting to hit Israel before the validation of the truce. Around 4:00 this morning an IDF observation post identified some 13 terrorists attempting to invade Israeli territory through a tunnel near the border. Some of the terrorists were eliminated while some fled back to Gaza territory through the tunnel. There were none injured among IDF forces. Later massive rocket barrages were fired toward Central Israel.