Twitter - Israel in Guatemala
Jerusalem - Capital of Israel (twitter)

In the municipality of Tiquisate in the town of Escuintla in Guatemala, a street in the was inaugurated with the name “Jerusalem – Capital of Israel” . Present at the ceremony was  the Ambassador of Israel in Guatemala, Mattanya Cohen and the Consul Orly Sona 

While there are dozens of streets in the world that honor of Jerusalem, Guatemala is the only country where the streets also highlight that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This initiative is driven by the ambassador of Israel

 “I am happy and proud that Guatemala is still a true friend of Israel and is so far the only country in the world where there are streets with the name of Jerusalem – Capital of Israel ” the Israel Ambassador said.

Relations between Israel and Guatemala have been significantly strengthened over the past year, with the highest point being the opening of the Guatemalan embassy in Jerusalem and several meetings between President Morales and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

There is even talk of a possible visit of the Israeli PM in 2019.