Border Police fighter Hadar Cohen was killed last February in a terror attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. She bravely went after the terrorist who attacked her friend, shot him and saved her friend’s life. Hadar, who was only 19-years-old, is survived by her parents, brother and sister.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hadar only managed to serve as a Border Policewoman for two months and yet when a terrorist attacked her friend, she did not hesitate and shot him. Another terrorist critically injured her. After three hours of fighting for her life, the doctors declared her dead.

“Every year when I look for broadcasts of bereaved families, my heart aches,” Ofer, Hadar’s father, stated. “I entered into this place this year. It is very difficult.”

“A mother brought offspring into the world,” Segalit, Hadar’s mother, noted. noted. “Then we had three and here one girl was plucked away. The place remains open.”

Yesterday, Ofer stated the following in a speech: “A few if any are fighting in the battle field in order to save lives. Her commanders from all of the ranks defined her actions as that of a true warrior and stated she did a good job.”