Mere hours after two children and their grandfather were rescued, more people were stuck in the flooding near Hadera. The Hadera Fire Department’s rescue forces arrived at the scene in order to save civilians from two additional cars that were stuck in the water and mud.

Fire Rescue forces save civilians from vehicles caught in flood water

Video: Hadera Fire Department | Can’t see video? – Click Here

Two vehicles got stuck in the same flood water from which a grandfather and his two grandchildren were saved earlier on Friday, near Moshav Sde Yitzhak. The Hadera Fire Department’s rescue forces began rescue attempts and have saved two people so far from the vehicles.

According to eye-witness reports, there is about 2 feet of flood water in the puddle along with mud. As reported earlier today by JOL, the children who were rescued earlier were taken to a nearby hospital after suffering from hypothermia. MDA paramedics said the children were on the roof of the jeep when the forces arrived.

Civilians rescued from flood water

Civilians rescued from flood water Photo Credit: Hadera Fire Department

The storm raging throughout Israel has caused widespread damage, including blowing trash around Jerusalem after it accumulated due to the municipality’s cleaning strike. In Haifa’s Romema neighborhood, part of a wall with gas cached lining crashed. As a result, the infrastructure was damaged causing gas to leak. Firefighters dispatched to the scene were able to stop the leak and they isolated the area until personnel from the gas company arrived.