A father from Haifa claims that the Israel Police is not taking his son’s complaint about an attack on Thursday seriously. According to him, his son was targeted because he is Arab and the attackers only released him when they figured out that he is Christian.

The son who was beaten up

The son who was beaten up Photo Credit: Courtesy of the family/Channel 2 News

A Haifa man claims that one of his twin sons was attacked on Thursday afternoon by religious Jewish boys who were waiting for him after school. According to the father, one of his sons and his friends eventually managed to escape but his other son was not so lucky.    

“I saw my son return home in a bad state, scared,” the father told Channel 2 Online. “He didn’t want to talk for 20 minutes.” The father added that his sons study at a local school that is near a religious school. “My son told me that within a few minutes, a white Hyundai pulled up next to the [bus] stop,” he continued. “Three young people got out and started to punch them. One of my sons and his friends got away. My son who stayed there was severely beaten by the same attackers.”

“At some point, they threw him in the car- they just kidnapped my son,” he explained, adding that the attackers verbally abused his son while he was in their vehicle. “When they saw the cross around his neck, they attackers said to him, ‘Oh, you’re Christian? If you were a Muslim, we would kill you now.’ After a few minutes, they tossed him out of the car.”

“When I understood what happened, I immediately returned from work and took them to the police station to file a complaint,” the father continued. The father is convinced that his son was targeted because he is Arab. He said that it is clear to him that this was a nationalistically-motived attack, “not bullying or anything else.” The father added that he is disappointed with the Israel Police’s handling of the complaint so far and accused the officers of not taking it seriously.

“Immediately after receiving the complaint, officers launched an investigation,” the Israel Police stated in response to the father’s claims. “It’s unclear on what these feelings against the police investigation, at a time when it is still in its beginning stages and being conducted professionally and with great force, are based. The Israel Police views very seriously every act of violence.”