Fire fighting forces succeeded this morning to take control of the fire that was ignited yesterday in Haifa’s oil refineries. As was reported by JOL yesterday, it is suspected that human error caused the fire.

Photo Credit: Israel Police

All through the night, 15 firefighting teams struggled with the fire that broke out yesterday in Haifa’s oil refineries and during the night, managed to take control of the fire. At the same time, the investigation into what caused the fire continues.

Investigative teams will ask workers in the area about the incident and also gathered evidence before the fire was under control. It is believed that human error or a technical failure caused the fire. In recent hours, this belief has been strengthened. 

The spokesman for the firefighting service that the teams “kept alert all through the night in the oil refineries. At any moment, they can implement cooling operations and pour fire-fighting materials. This is to prevent the fire from returning.”

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