21-year-old Mohammed Shinaui, who is on trial for the murder of Guy Kafri and the attempted murder of another Israeli caused a scene today in a Haifa courtroom after attacking an Israel Prison Service officer.

January's terror scene in Haifa (left), Shinaui (right)

January’s terror scene in Haifa (left), Shinaui (right) Photo Credit: Shimon Adri, Rafael Bitton/Channel 2 News

A riot broke out today (Sunday) at Mohammed Shinaui’s trial. Shinaui carried out a terror attack in Haifa in January. During today’s hearing at the Haifa District Court, Shinaui attacked an Israel Prison Service’s Nachshon Unit officer.

An eyewitness told Channel 2 News Online that after Shinaui hit the officer, other members of the unit attempted to neutralize him but he continued to throw punches. According to the witness, even after Shinaui was removed from the courtroom, he called on bystanders to help him fight.

During his hearing, Shinaui refused to acknowledge the charges brought against him. Shinaui’s public defender, Alaa Suleiman, claimed that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) officers continued to attack his client even after he was neutralized.

The defendants on trial

The defendants on trial Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“Indeed, my client attacked the IPS officers – he even punched one of them – but through they neutralized him in front of the judges, the officers continued to beat him after he had been removed [from the courtroom].” Suleiman claimed. “This act should have been stopped the second they gained control over him.”

As previously reported by JOL, 21-year-old Shinaui was charged with murder and attempted murder after he turned himself in to the police two days after he allegedly murdered Guy Kafri and injured another Israeli. Two of Shinaui’s friends were charged with aiding him and according to the Shin Bet, Shinaui’s younger brother, a minor, was also charged with the same offense.

The indictment against Shinaui read: “In the years leading up to the terrorist acts, the defendant developed a hatred towards Jews that began amid Israel’s activities during the Second Lebanon War. Over the years, his Jew-hatred increased and was strengthened by his belief that Jews are infidels who are allowed to be physically harmed.”