‘Who among us would accept 70 rockets launched into your country?” Haley asked council members in a special meeting Wednesday.

The UN Security Council convened on Wednesday to discuss the recent flare-up of violence between Israel and Gaza. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley slammed the council for blocking a US proposal to officially condemn Hamas.

“Apparently, some council members did not think Hamas launching rockets qualified as terrorism,” Haley said. “This rocket attack was indiscriminate, aiming to cause as much civilian death and destruction as possible. … Hamas openly claims responsibility for this attack. They do so proudly. Their only regret is that the attack did not kill anyone.”

“This outrageous terrorist attack proves what we have consistently maintained, namely that Hamas’ stated purpose is the destruction of Israel,” she added.

Haley dismissed the notion that Gazans need international protection from Israel. “The people of Gaza do not need protection from an external source. The people of Gaza need protection from Hamas. It is the actions of Hamas that are putting Gazans in grave danger.”