The terror organization has confirmed that 2 high ranking commanders were killed when a tunnel collapsed near Netzarim. This is the 2nd time Hamas has lost members due to the terror organization’s tunnel restoring efforts.

Hamas terrorist in tunnel

Hamas terrorist in tunnel Photo Credit: Al-Alim/Channel 2 News

Today (Wednesday) Hamas announced that 39-year-old Fuad Ashour, a senior level official in Hamas’s military wing, was killed in the tunnel accident yesterday evening. Earlier, the terror organization confirmed that another commander, Ahmad Haidar Al-Zahar, was also killed in the same accident. It appears that he was the nephew of senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar.

According to local reports, 8 Hamas militants died in when the tunnel collapsed. This is the 2nd accident in less than 2 weeks in which Hamas fighters were killed while they trying to rebuild the tunnel system. Hamas’s tunnel digging efforts show the amount of importance the terror organization attributes to the underground system, as an essential part of its abilities to act against Israel.

Yesterday evening, Hamas hung up posters that read: “Men are digging with their bare hands the path to liberate Jerusalem,” which corresponds with senior Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh’s speech during the funeral for several Hamas militants who were killed in another tunnel accident last week. “We are continuing to dig tunnels in eastern Gaza and are continuing to conduct rocket tests in the west,” Haniyeh stated. “We are continuing to rehabilitate and upgrade our forces. This is the path to liberate Jerusalem.”