Today, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed to have accepted the Egyptian outline for the prisoner exchange deal and is waiting for Israel’s response. In addition, the terrorist leader threatened Israel with improved military capabilities.


Sinwar Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated that his organization accepted the Egyptian outline for the prisoner exchange deal presented two weeks ago, despite contradicting reports.

Sinwar added that former Coordinator of the Prisoners of War and Missing in Action persons Lior Lotan resigned after disagreements with the Israeli government, which didn’t want to accept the proposed deal. According to the terrorist leader, he does not know if Israel’s position has changed.

Israelis in Gaza

Israelis in Gaza Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The proposal suggests that 39 Hamas prisoners’ bodies will be released to the Gaza Strip and in return Hamas will reveal details concerning the bodies and the IDF soldiers whom they are holding captive. Afterwards, Israel will release the prisoners from the Gilad Shalit deal who were re-arrested and Egypt will begin mediating negotiations between the two sides.

Sinwar also threatened Israel: “In 51 minutes, I can launch all the missiles that were fired at Israel throughout the 51 days of Operation Protective Edge.” He added that his men have the ability to stay hidden in Gaza’s tunnels for many days.

Regarding the possible reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority, Sinwar claimed to support the move but said that he will not forfeit his weapon. According to him, the intention is to unify all of the armed organizations in Gaza into a national military.