On Thursday, the Hamas terrorist group officially accused the Mossad of eliminating a senior drone engineer in Tunisia. According to Hamas, the preparations began a year and a half earlier.


Zouari Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hamas released Thursday the findings of its investigation into the elimination of Mohamed Zouari, a drone engineer who was linked to the terrorist group. According to Hamas, the Mossad was behind Zouari’s elimination and the preparations for the operation began a year and a half earlier.  

Zouari was eliminated in 2016 in Tunisia. According to Hamas, the two people who carried out the elimination entered Tunisia using Bosnian passports. The logistical preparations in Tunisia took about four months and therefore the two rented apartments and cars in the country.

The Hamas report states that on the day of the elimination, the two followed Zouari to a coffee shop near his home. They sat at the table next to Zouari. The two then left the coffee shop while three other teams surveilled Zouari’s home. The elimination took place when Zouari returned to his home during rush hour. After he turned off his car’s engine, the alleged Israeli agents pulled up next to his car and shot him several times. The guns they used were equipped with special silencers.  

“The preparations lasted a year and a half,” claimed a senior Hamas member during a press conference in Beirut. “A man with Hungarian citizenship came to the university where Zouari taught and presented himself as a drone expert and asked to work with him on a joint project, but he [Zouari] refused because he was suspicious of him.”