After Israeli forces killed 22-year-old Ahmad Jarrar, the leader of a deadly shooting attack last month in Havat Gilad, Hamas now claims that the Palestinian Authority has collaborated with Israel to identify the terrorist.

Ahmad Jarrar

Ahmad Jarrar Photo Credit: Facebook/IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Hamas is accusing the Palestinian Authority of assisting Israel in locating a terrorist who murdered an Israeli last month in Havat Gilad.

Ahmad Jarrar, 22, was killed by Israeli security forces on Tuesday near Jenin at end of a month-long search. He was the commander of the terror unit that carried out the shooting attack that killed Rabbi Raziel Shevach.

In a video posted by Hamas on the Facebook page of its military wing, the terrorist group claimed that the Palestinian Authority had collaborated with Israel and helped lead it to Jarrar’s whereabouts.

A senior Palestinian Authority official has denied these allegations vehemently, calling them “fabrications” and “lies.”