Following three breaches into Israel by armed terrorists over the last ten days, both Hamas and Israel have launched efforts this week to prevent further, attempts to infiltrate Israeli territory 

The Hamas terror group, which controls the Gaza Strip, has deployed additional troops to the border in an effort to prevent their citizens from breaching the security fence. The assumption is that they are taking such action because they know full well that these cross-border attacks could provoke a military reaction from the Israeli army. 

The Israeli Ministry of Defense is also planning to construct a six-meter-high defense wall in the interior of Israel, across from Gaza’s northern border, in order to provide additional protection for neighboring communities.

This past Saturday, the IDF killed four Palestinians who infiltrated Israel from the southern Gaza Strip. The terrorists were armed with assault rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades.  On Monday night, the IDF arrested a suspect who crossed the Gaza Strip’s security barrier into Israeli territory.

In all, within ten days, six-armed Palestinian terrorists, including many current and former Hamas members, crossed the security fence separating Israel and Gaza, before being neutralized by the IDF.