More than 600 rockets were fired by Hamas into southern Israel over the weekend, and the PA is imploding itself by refusing to take any money from Israel until they receive the monies deducted to pay the families of terrorists.
Now they are being rewarded.
Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has promised to give $ 480 million in aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
”The Palestinian Authority will receive $ 300 million to support the health and education budget of the Palestinian Authority. The remaining $ 180 million will be to pay for United Nations humanitarian programs and electricity services (presumably in the Gaza Strip)”, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh expressed his gratitude to Qatar’s generosity,” this honorable decision is a continuation of the unwavering Qatari stances that support the Palestinian people politically and financially, in addition to defending the Palestinian rights at international platforms.”

”The Palestinian people would not forget the positive Qatari stances maintained even at the most difficult circumstances, highlighting the unwavering positive positions of Qatar towards the Palestinian people,” he said.

The donation was announced after an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement between Israel and the terrorist factions of Gaza has come into effect this yesterday morning (local time).