The Gaza-based radio station Al-Aqsa radio, run by the terror group Hamas, has started sending signals into Israel, the Times of Israel reports, citing an Israeli satellite imagery company. This has become possible due to a new tower, set up in a Lebanese village close to the country’s border with Israel. According to the outlet, Iranian-backed Hezbollah assisted its installment.

The outlet cites the CEO of Sat View Nissan Cohen as saying that the new tower’s radio signal is “very, very powerful”, reaching listeners in Tel Aviv and disrupting local broadcasters.

“Three media outlets turned to us and said there was something disrupting [their broadcasts] on frequency 101.6 [FM]. So we went to check. We followed [the broadcasts] north, got to the Lebanese border and realised it’s coming from there”, Cohen told the Army Radio.

Interestingly enough, the signal’s power source is reportedly located close to a site where the Israel Defense Forces have been trying to eliminate secret tunnels, believed to have been dug by Hezbollah from Lebanon to Israel.

Contributed by Sputnik News