About 30,000 young people from Gaza are participating in Hamas summer camps, a fighting course for the terror group consisting of young people between age 14 and 18. It seems that the next generation of terrorists are preparing for a conflict with Israel.

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30,000 young people around middle school and high school age are being trained in the “Pioneers for Liberation” course managed by the Hamas Al Qassem Brigades. All across Gaza, young people were recruited and received weapons instruction alongside religious indoctrination in order to train to be the next generation of Hamas terrorists.

In one of the exercises for the course, the young people appear armed as they infiltrate inside an Israeli Army post. They shoot and kill the troops inside. They then take over the post. In the Hamas summer camp, the young people train to obtain their ultimate dream, which is to kidnap an Israeli soldier. This exercise is therefore repeated in both Hamas and Islamic Jihad summer camps.

“We learn how to train with weapons and to resist,” one of the students stated. “We train in the theological and military aspects. We signed up for the course in order for Palestine and Islam to obtain victory. With Allah’s help, we will liberate the Al Aqsa Mosque and pray there.”

“In the words of Sheikh Yassin, the conflict between us is a conflict that has existed throughout the generations,” one of the course instructors stated. “So we try to endow this issue for this generation in every plan so that this generation will continue to work for this issue.”

The documentation of the training is difficult for Israelis to watch and should concern everyone upon hearing the rhetoric espoused by the Hamas terrorists. “The next war will take place with Allah’s help, will be the last war, and we will liberate all of the territory that became impure because of the Jewish occupier,” one of them stated. “We aspire to implement high quality terror attacks.”

In recent years, this course is especially important for Hamas. From here, the youth join the terror group, replace wooden guns for real guns, and join 20,000 Hamas members according to Israeli estimates. Gaza is busily training for the next conflict.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News