Hamas leader Khaled Mashal addressed the prisoner exchange negotiations with Israel stating that patience is the key. “We have true bargaining chips in our hands and we have tactical and psychological power over Israel,” Mashal said.

Mashal: “The key to victory is patience”

Mashal: “The key to victory is patience” Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

During a broadcast supporting Palestinian security prisoners today (Saturday), Hamas Political Bureau head Khaled Mashal addressed the ongoing prisoner exchange negotiations between the terrorist organization and Israel. “The key to victory is patience,” he said. “With G-d’s help, the moment of liberation is near.”

Mashal emphasized that Hamas has “true bargaining chips” and that it has “made clear to all the mediators that there is a price for all information regarding soldiers captured by Hamas and there is no free information.”

Mashal added that Hamas terrorists are “suffering in the Zionist prisons” and there is no doubt that the families of the “Zionist soldiers captured by Hamas” are also suffering. Mashal also explained that Hamas has credibility, restraint and patience, which “causes the enemy to take our demands seriously.” Regarding the captured IDF soldiers currently being held in Gaza, Mashal said that the terrorist organization has bargaining chips and “tactical and psychological power over Israel.”