Hamas leaders have reportedly gone underground, fearing that Israel will return to targeted assassinations. Israel has not made any statement regarding a return to that policy. Its last targeted killing was in 2019 against an Islamic Jihad commander.

Twenty-eight fires ignited yesterday in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip as the Hamas terror group continued to launch arson balloons into Israel, marking several weeks of escalation. In response, Israeli fighter jets and tanks targeted terror infrastructure.

The situation is fragile and should Hamas score a direct hit resulting in significant loss of life, the IDF will be forced to engage in a much more forceful manner. There have been several close calls already.

Early Friday morning a home in Sderot was hit. There were no injuries, although three women were treated for shock. The home was heavily damaged.

Last Monday, A fire consumed a kindergarten in Sderot after an arson balloon landed nearby. The area was empty of children at the time and no injuries were reported.