In January, an Israeli man and a Turkish citizen were arrested by Shin Bet and Israel Police forces on suspicion of operating on behalf of Hamas. The Turkish man was deported from Israel at the end of the investigation. The Israeli Umm al-Fahm resident’s trial will begin soon.

The suspects

The suspects Photo Credit: Shin Bet

It was cleared for publication on Monday that the Shin Bet and Israel Police arrested two men suspected of being recruited by Hamas and helping terrorists in Turkey. Kamil Tuckley, a Turkish law professor, was arrested about a month ago on suspicion of assisting Hamas terrorists in Turkey. A few days later, Dharam Jabarin, an Umm al-Fahm resident, was arrested.

The investigations into the two suspects revealed that they were recruited into the Palestinian terrorist group by Zaher Jabarin, a senior Hamas terrorist who was released as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. Jabarin oversees the terrorist organization’s budget from Turkey.

During Tuckley’s questioning, it was discovered that he was asked to help Hamas terrorists in Turkey in 2012. These terrorists were mostly Hamas members who were released as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. Tuckley helped them establish themselves financially and personally in Turkey. Among other things, he assisted them in purchasing real estate and establishing businesses—all while registering the companies in his name.

The investigation exposed Hamas’s large-scale money laundering operation in Turkey under the auspices of Zaher and while the Turkish authorities ignore the source of the funds. The investigation also revealed that Hamas terrorists are the owners of a company called IMES, which is used by the terrorist group to conceal its money laundering activities and direct funds to the Gaza Strip and countries around the world.

IMES also came up during Jabarin’s investigation. It turns out that Jabarin was recruited in Turkey by Zaher after representatives from the company approached him. For a year and a half, Jabarin visited Turkey numerous times and was asked by his handlers to transfer Hamas funds from Turkey to members in the West Bank. Jabarin smuggled hundreds of thousands of euros into the West Bank for Hamas. When police officers searched Jabarin’s home, they found 91,00 euros, which he planned to take to the West Bank soon.

During the investigation, additional Umm al-Fahm residents were arrested on suspicion of helping Jabarin. Tuckley was deported from Israel at the end of his interrogation. Jabarin will appear in front of a judge in the next few days.