Hamas prevented a Palestinian from crossing the border into Israel this morning despite the increased tensions between the terrorist organization and Israel recently. Yesterday, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal spoke at a rally in Gaza and threatened Israel.


Hamas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Despite the increased tensions between Israel and Hamas after the elimination of a senior level Hamas member and Khaled Mashal’s aggressive speech last night, a Hamas unit caught a Palestinian who tried to cross the border into Israel this morning (Tuesday) near the Sufa border crossing.

The Hamas unit is in charge of patrolling and securing the border with Israel and preventing other organizations from launching rockets. The unit uses the road parallel to Israel’s road along the border fence and the observation posts that were built by Hamas. The unit’s main mission is to prevent Palestinians from crossing the border into Israel.  

Over the past few days, Hamas has arrested several members of extremist Salafi groups. A few days ago, JOL News reported that the members of a Salafi terror cell that launched rockets toward Israel were sentenced to prison.