Hamas has unilaterally agreed to halt its arson balloon and rocket attacks against Israel, Channel 12 has reported, citing an unnamed defense official.

According to the Israeli television channel, Hamas halted the attacks as a “gesture of good will”.

Channel 12’s source said Israel was “skeptical” about Hamas’s promise, but would make an attempt on its part “to restore stability to the Gaza border communities” if the ceasefire held. “Tonight and the coming weekend will serve as a test of stability,” the source said.

Egyptian negotiators reportedly sought to soothe tensions between Hamas and Israel earlier this week, sending delegations to Gaza on Monday and Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that the Israeli military was “preparing for Hamas the surprise of their lives” if arson and rocket attacks against Israel continued. He did not elaborate on what he meant.

Israeli warplanes struck multiple targets in Gaza on Sunday, targeting a training camp and military infrastructure after the launch of a rocket into Israeli territory earlier in the day.