The Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, has revealed information given to them by captured Palestinians who cross the Gaza border. They revealed that Hamas sends its own members to the border in order to sabotage security infrastructure and promote violent activities. In addition, the Shin Bet uncovered that Iran transfers funds to Hamas so that it can carry out the violent protests.

Yehia Ijla, a 19-year-old Hamas member, told the Shin Bet during his interrogation that Hamas instructs members to cut the border fence and steal security cameras while dressed as civilians. Others are in charge of giving civilians tires, which are set on fire near the border to create black clouds of smoke that cover up Hamas’s terrorist acts near the fence. In addition, Hamas terrorists prepare the flaming kites, which have set fire to several Israeli fields near the border, and give them to civilians.

In the interrogation of another Gazan, the Shin Bet discovered that Hamas terrorists go undercover as civilians to try to convince children to cross the border and steal IDF equipment. On May 4, a 13-year-old boy was injured while he was trying to breach the security fence in order to steal a security camera.

The Shin Bet stated that this is an example of Hamas’s cynic use of children and civilians while endangering their lives for the purpose of sabotaging and stealing IDF and civilian equipment along the border. “The IDF and the Shin Bet will continue to work decisively to thwart every attempt to infiltrate Israeli territory in order to defend Israel’s sovereignty and its citizens,” the Shin Bet stated.

Another Gazan who was arrested by Israeli authorities after trying to breach the fence also spoke quite candidly on how Hamas exploits its citizens. “They send us Facebook messages and texts telling us to come, and in the mosques, they call on us to do it and they hand out fliers. They do these marches so that people don’t flip out on them”. Hamas believes, ”Instead of them getting mad at us, we’ll send them to the fence so they can let out their anger there,” he said.

They’re the ones who tell the women to move closer to the fence. Hamas tells women, ”Go forward, you’re a girl. The army doesn’t shoot girls. And they tell the little kids the same thing,” the Gazan told Israeli authorities.