Israel’s attempt to provide Gaza residents with medical and humanitarian aid was coldly rejected by the terrorist group that runs the coastal enclave on Wednesday. Hamas sent the medical supplies, which were labeled “IDF,” back to Israel.

Humanitarian aid sent to Gaza

Humanitarian aid sent to Gaza Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Hamas has rejected Israeli humanitarian aid that was sent through the Kerem Shalom crossing on Wednesday amid the deteriorating crisis in the coastal enclave. Hadashot news reported that Israel had voluntarily decided to send several trucks filled with medical equipment to Gaza given that the violence along the border has died down. However, the terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip refused to accept the supplies, which had IDF labels on them.

According to the IDF, despite the dire lack of medical supplies in Gaza, Hamas refused to accept 14,000 RL solution IV material of 500 milliliters (fluids), 20 physical therapy treadmills, 25 IV poles and some 85,000 disinfection pads. In addition, over 12,000 bandages and more than 2,000 Septal Scrub disinfectant units were sent back to Israel.

On Monday, 61 Palestinians were killed and over 600 were injured near the Gaza border as violent clashes broke out along the security fence. The IDF reported that soldiers had responded to Palestinians who were engaged in terrorist activities and trying to infiltrate Israel, destroy the security fence and plant explosive devices near the border. The Israeli military added on Tuesday that at least 24 of the Palestinians who were killed had “documented terror backgrounds.”