Hamas strongly condemned Israel’s decision to reduce the power supply to Gaza after the Palestinian Authority refused to pay the terrorist organization’s electricity bill. Hamas called the decision “catastrophic and dangerous” and warned that it could lead to an escalation in violence.

Life in Gaza

Life in Gaza Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Hamas responded on Monday to the Israeli Security Cabinet’s decision to reduce the amount of electricity supplied to Gaza. “Israel’s decision to reduce the supply of electricity to Gaza is catastrophic and dangerous and will accelerate the deterioration [of the situation and lead to an] explosion,” the terror group wrote on its official Twitter page. “This is a new attempt to pressure the Gaza Strip and its consequences will affect Israel.”

The spokesperson for Gaza’s Health Ministry added that Gaza will probably run out of fuel very soon. The Palestinian Authority has been paying for the electricity that Israel supplies to Gaza. However, Ramallah recently announced that it has decided to stop picking up Gaza’s electricity bill, which will most likely cause a serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza and an outbreak of violence. “The money is going to the tunnels and making weapons,” senior Palestinian Authority officials told Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon during a meeting two weeks ago.

“We will not pay the electricity bill for Hamas,” the officials told Kahlon. “They are establishing a shadow government and attacking us and Abu Mazen [PA President Mahmoud Abbas].” The officials added that they are not afraid of a humanitarian crisis and that if Israel wants, it can pay Hamas’ electricity bill.