Gaza Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar(left ), and former Gazab Leader Ismail Haniyeh 2
Gaza Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar(left ), and former Gazan Leader Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas’s leader Yahya Sinwar, has warned Israel against “testing” its military capabilities, warning that another Israeli raid into the Gaza Strip would lead to rocket attacks against Tel Aviv. Speaking at an Friday event dedicated to Palestinians who were killed in recent clashes with Israeli forces, Yahya Sinwar said further Israeli military operations would only lead to Israel having to agree to prisoner swap deals involving “thousands of prisoners” in their aftermath.

“I advise Israel not to try and test us again,” Sinwar, said. This time you did not have a lot of casualties and you managed to rescue your special forces. You should not try again, because next time you will have to release thousands of prisoners,” he added.

Saying that he has spoken to Muhammad Dief, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, Sinwar warned that new Israeli operations would mean fresh Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli cities. “Dief asked me to say that Tel Aviv and Gush Dan [the greater Tel Aviv area] are next. The first barrage to hit Tel Aviv will surprise Israel,” he warned.


Waving a handgun that Sinwar claimed to belong from the Israeli special forces after a botched raid, he warned that Hamas’s hands were “on the trigger” and their eyes were “open.”

“Whoever tests Gaza will find only death and poison. Our missiles are more precise, have a greater range and carry more explosives than in the past,” he threatened.

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