A month after a Hamas terrorist was arrested upon attempting to cross into Israeli territory, facts regarding the incident have been released for publication. During his interrogation, the terrorist whose brother holds a senior-level position in Hamas’s security movement revealed significant details regarding the terrorist organization’s tunnel system and the combat techniques used by its senior-level terrorists’ during Operation Protective Edge.

Terrorist reveals information to Israel regarding the tunnel routes

Terrorist reveals information to Israel regarding the tunnel routes Photo Credit: Shin Bet Communications/Channel 2 News

One month ago, the Shin Bet arrested a Hamas terrorist associated with the terror organization’s military branch in Gaza after he attempted to infiltrate into Israeli territory. However, the facts regarding the incident were only released for publication today (Wednesday). While interrogating the terrorist, the Shin Bet discovered that he had participated in activities related to the terror tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel.

24-year-old Gaza resident Balal Razaina’s brother is the head of Hamas’s internal security terrorist movement in the northern Gaza Strip and also belongs to the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which is Hamas’s military wing. The interrogation also uncovered that Razaina was involved in Hamas terror activities such as marksmanship, guarding ammunition and digging tunnels.

During the interrogation, Razaina revealed significant intelligence regarding the terror tunnel routes in the northern Gaza Strip and Hamas’s operating methods for tunnel digging. He also supplied the Shin Bet with information regarding different Hamas outposts, his activity as a Hamas sniper and additional Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist activities. Furthermore, the Shin Bet learned that senior-level Hamas internal security terrorists conducted and managed Operation Protective Edge from civilian homes.