The terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip was highly involved in the deadly clashes that took place along the border in recent weeks, a Hadashot news report has revealed. Hamas had released instructions on social media, calling for protesters to bring knives and guns to the border.

Gaza protesters

Gaza protesters Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Hamas has been instructing Palestinian protesters to bring knives and guns to the border fence in recent weeks for the massive marches in which dozens have been killed, Hadashot news reported yesterday evening.

Even though Palestinians and many in the international community are trying to paint the protests as “peaceful,” the instructions that Hamas released on social media show that the plan was for violence to be a major aspect of the demonstrations. In addition, despite the Palestinian attempt to portray the protests as popular gatherings, the instructions show that Hamas was highly involved in the planning of the events.

Aside from calling on Palestinians to bring weapons to the border area, the terrorist group told the participants how to behave, saying that they should try to drive the Israeli snipers away from the fence. Hamas also told the protesters in every location to set up tents, send teams to destroy the security fence and open a situation room.

According to Hadashot, the instructions were released with maps showing the protesters where they should meet and how to arrive at the spot.

On Monday, violent clashes along the border led to the deaths of over 60 Palestinians. According to the IDF, at least 24 of them were terrorists. The IDF’s claim was later echoed by a senior Hamas member, who admitted that at least 50 of those killed in the deadly clashes were members of the group.