Hamas encouraged caricatures and videos that depict Amjad Sukri, who injured 3 IDF soldiers yesterday in a shooting attack, as a national hero and shahid (martyr), which is causing it to spread quickly on social media sites. Hamas is attempting to use the terror attack to undermine the security coordination with Israel. Therefore, the terror organization is promoting the distribution of the propaganda.

Watch: Hamas glorifies Beit El terrorist

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Just a day after he injured 3 IDF soldiers, Beit El terrorist Amjad Sukri has been proclaimed a Palestinian hero on social media sites. Caricatures, videos and pictures that glorify him are being posted all over social media networks and Palestinian Internet sites. Terror organization Hamas is also going out of its way to praise him as a “national hero.”

“The revenge seeking police officer” is how a caricature described him. Another claimed that Sukri’s terror attack was a “VIP terror attack.” A 3rd caricature showed a Palestinian family saluting as the background read: “Palestinian police officer shot 3 occupation soldiers in Northern Ramallah and became a shahid.”

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The incitement on social media is coming from all directions, except from the official Palestinian Authority network. However, Hamas is trying to use the terror attack in order to undermine the security coordination with Israel. Therefore, the terror group is promoting the spread of the harsh propaganda.

Yesterday, the Hamas television network aired a video clip showing broadcaster Iyad Abu Fanon saluting Sukri. This broadcaster was released in the Shalit prisoner exchange after serving 30 years in an Israeli prison for attempting to murder Jewish people.