Hamas has warned Israel against plans to extend sovereignty over areas in the West Bank, including the strategic Jordan Valley.

Hamas’s Jerusalem Affairs Office said in a statement on Sunday that “Jerusalem will remain a Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic city and the eternal capital of the Palestinian state, and all powers on this planet will not be able to change its identity, address, and history”.

“The occupation and its plots against Jerusalem and Palestine will be doomed to failure and its conspiracies will not secure a future for its existence on the Palestinian land,” the statement said.

Hamas also slammed what it described as “the ominous deal of the century” related to the Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement, saying that some countries had already entered the “flagrant stage of normalizing relations” with Israel “through political, economic, cultural, sports, and artistic trajectories in defiance of the dignity and will of the Arab and Muslim peoples who have long supported the Palestinian people in their long struggle with the Zionist enemy”.

The terrorist group also urged the Palestinian Authority to withdraw from the “disastrous” Oslo Accords, signed in the 1990s and aimed at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in sync with UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338.