Senior Hamas official Musa Abu Marzuq has denied the accusations by former Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi that there are ballistic missiles in Gaza targeting Israel and the Gulf States, according to a report by Israel’s Kan news agency.

“According to the information I have, the Israeli intelligence has discovered and taken photos of the missile pads after the Israelis attacked Hamas in the Gaza Strip. They handed the photos of the ballistic and other missiles to the Americans,” the former vice president said in an interview with Iraq’s Al-Sharqiya news agency.

Also during the interview, Allawi said that that he received information from US officials that Israel’s intelligence agency tipped off the US that Iranian ballistic missiles were in the city of Basrah, in southern Iraq.

Israel’s information ”was not obtained only by satellite but also using advanced ground systems,” Allawi said.

Earlier this week the United States ordered the partial evacuation of their Iraqi embassy because of these threats.