One week after Hamas’ weapons engineer Mohammed al-Koka was killed in a mysterious explosion, the terrorist organization released a video revealing that al-Koka was involved with its strategic terror tunnels and that he was working on improving its weapons.


Al-Koka Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hamas revealed today (Saturday) that Mohammed al-Koka, the terrorist organization’s weapons engineer who was killed in a mysterious explosion in northern Gaza last week, was involved in the development of its strategic terror tunnels.

Hamas released a 13-minute video that focused on al-Koka’s life including his training. According to the video, he was directly involved with one of Hamas’ tunnel terror attacks and the development of more strategic tunnels.

Hamas' terror tunnels

Hamas’ terror tunnels Photo Credit: Reuters\Channel 2 News

The video also revealed that he was involved with the development of tandem-charge anti-tank weapons and the improvement of Hamas’ mortar shells.

Hamas’ leaders are seen praising al-Koka in the video. At the end of the video, Hamas claims that he was in hiding when he was killed. However, the terrorist organization still hasn’t revealed the cause of the explosion. According to Hamas, the official cause of al-Koka’s death was a “work accident.”