Khaled Mashal, the current political bureau leader of Hamas, declared during an interview on Al Jazeera that Ismail Haniyeh was elected to replace him.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Al Jazeera reported today (Saturday) that Ismail Haniyeh has been elected as the new leader of Hamas’ political bureau, after defeating Musa Abu Marzuq and Mohammad Nazzal. Haniyeh will replace the terrorist organization’s current chairman, Khaled Mashal.

Over the past few years, Haniyeh was considered to be Mashal’s successor and was even recently appointed as the political bureau’s deputy head. Mashal claims that Haniyeh’s victory took place through a democratic election, but as the election process took place secretly, it is unclear if the results are true and who ran against him.

Haniyeh led Hamas in Gaza under safety and now he will probably lead the terrorist organization’s activities from abroad, most likely from Qatar. However, that will only occur if he is allowed to leave the Gaza Strip.