Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh has told residents of Gaza that sources said Israel will not be engaging in an additional war in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas rally in Gaza, photo archives

Hamas rally in Gaza, photo archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The political leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh stated on Saturday that “Israel will not be engaging in an additional war in Gaza.” Speaking at a Ramadan ceremony, Haniyeh said that Israel has told sources an additional military operation is not expected to take place.

Haniyeh also addressed for the first time a ceasefire with Israel in exchange for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. “During the last Ramadan the seeds were planted and this Ramadan we will pick the fruit. The conditions will soon improve for the residents of Gaza.”
Addressing the relations between Hamas and Egypt, Haniyeh stated that the Egyptian authorities contributed to the humanitarian situation in Gaza and that the talks with Egypt continue.

Yesterday, the spokesperson for Hamas’ Military Wing gave a special interview to al-Jazeera in order to publically deny Israeli claims that Hamas and the Islamic State in Sinai were cooperating.