While Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and Defense Ministry were operating to bring them to Israel, Har Adar terror victim Solomon Gavriyah’s brothers learned of his death through the internet.

All the siblings together

All the siblings together Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Immediately after the Har Adar terror attack, in which 20-year-old Border Police Staff Sergeant Solomon Gavriyah was murdered, his father told Border Police that Solomon has 2 brothers still in Ethiopia.

The unit’s commanders immediately began to cooperate with the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Defense Ministry to bring them to Israel. Israel’s embassy in Ethiopia managed to track the brothers down with the help of a friend. One of the brothers is a 22-year-old student and the other is a 27-year-old garage owner. The last time that they were all together was 10 years ago.

Gavriyah (left) with his brothers

Gavriyah (left) with his brothers Photo credit: Channel 2 News

“We were in the middle of a holiday celebration here in Ethiopia,” one of the brothers said. “When we saw pictures of him on Instagram and Facebook next to a memorial candle. I didn’t exactly understand but I felt that something terrible happened. I thought that if something would’ve happened to him, I would be told. Then, my uncles arrived and gave me the bad news. In one moment, the celebrations turned into heavy mourning.”


Gavriyah Photo Credit: Border Police Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

The brothers landed in Israel early this morning after receiving a special visa. From the airport, Gavriyah’s commanders took them to meet their family.