CNN network reveled footage shown to senators as part of Obama’s effort to recruit support, horrible images of the chemical attack in Syria. Panic, screaming, children shaking – are only some of what is seen

A man lying on the floor, shirtless and wheezing, children shaking uncontrollably, panic and screaming – are only some of the terrible images that were shown to a selected group of senators behind closed doors. The goal: to make it clear that a limited attack in Syria is justified.

Last night (Saturday) CNN revealed the 13 videos that were shown to some of the members of the senate’s intelligence committee as part of Obama’s efforts to convince that military action in Syria is necessary and justified.

The footage shows moments of panic as people try to give food and water to those hurt in the chemical attack, repeating prayers over and over again. Many of the videos have already been distributed on the web, but this collection of testimonies is given importance after the senate’s intelligence committee gave it authenticity.

These videos, which are so hard to watch, still do not prove who was behind the attack, and do not give an answer as to whether or not military action is the right solution. 

Terrible images as part of the campaign of persuasion

Terrible images as part of the campaign of persuasion Photography: CNN

Ashton: Strong evidence that Assad is behind the attack

Yesterday the European Union’s Foreign Minister Catharine Ashton announced that all 28 member countries agreed that there is strong evidence that Assad was the one behind the chemical attack in August and that a firm response is needed. However she clarified that until the UN report on the subject is published, the Union will not support military action.

 As Obama works to recruit a majority, quite a few congress members say that the US president can attack a foreign country only of there is an attack or threat of one against the US.

Others claim that the President intends to attack even without the approval of congress and as such there is no point in backing his proposal. With the polls showing that the American people are against an attack on Syria, the difficulties continue to pile up on Obama.