Haredi Jews gathered across Israel on Tuesday to protest the court-mandated autopsy of a month-old baby who died yesterday at a hotel in Ashdod. In Jerusalem, the protesters blocked roads and clashed with police forces.

The protest in Jerusalem

The protest in Jerusalem Photo Credit: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash 90

Hundreds of Haredi Jews gathered in several locations throughout Israel on Tuesday to protest the court-ordered autopsy of a month-old baby who drowned yesterday in Ashdod. So far, five protesters have been arrested, Hadashot news stated.

The dozens of protesters in Jerusalem blocked roads and damaged nearby vehicles while clashing with police forces. In footage obtained by Hadashot news, a bus driver angered by the protests in Jerusalem is seen exiting the bus and waving his M-16 rifle at the protesters who were blocking the street.

The baby died on Monday at a hotel in Ashdod when his mother was bathing him in a jacuzzi in the family’s room. The Israel Police requested that the court order a postmortem to determine the cause of death because the parents objected to the examination due to religious beliefs. While the judge ruled in favor of the Israel Police, he gave the decision a 24-hour delay so that the parents could appeal to a higher court.

The parents are in police custody. Most of the details of the investigation remain under a gag order.