Following the demonstrations against the arrest of two Yeshiva students who did not arrive at the IDF recruitment office, the Haredi Jerusalem Faction threatened to hold a “day of rage” on Thursday in various Israeli cities.

Watch: Police officer pulls a gun out during a Haredi demonstration  

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The Haredi Jerusalem Faction threatened to hold a “day of rage” throughout Israel on Thursday due to the continued detention of the Yeshiva military draft refusers. “The masses of the Jewish people will not rest or be quiet until the removal of the recruitment decree affliction from over the heads of the Yeshiva students,” the group said in an official statement on Wednesday.

“In light of the continued arrest of the Torah prisoners and following the Israel Police’s harassment of those detained in the struggle as well as the handing over of the defectors to the military police, we in the committee for the Saving of the World of the Torah declare a day of rage throughout the country from the early morning hours tomorrow,” the extremists wrote in the statement, which included times and locations of demonstrations in various Israeli cities.

This announcement comes amid a tense week of protests that resulted in the arrest of 25 Haredi demonstrators. “The protesters went down onto the road, endangering the drivers as well as others, attacking police and rioting along the road,” said the Israel Police.

Police officer pointing a gun at protesters

Police officer pointing a gun at protesters Photo Credit: Meha’at Ha’Haredim/Channel 2 News

Footage of the Haredi protests sparked outrage as a police officer was filmed pulling a gun at the protesters and threatening them. During the same demonstration, a group of Haredi men were filmed surrounding and harassing a female IDF soldier who was attempting to pass through the area.

Haredi protesters

Haredi protesters Photo Credit: Israel Police spokesperson/Channel 2 News