(Photo: Grave of Harry Potter in Ramle. Credit: Ramla Municipality.)
(Photo: Grave of Harry Potter in Ramle. Credit: Ramla Municipality.)

Looking for Harry Potter?

In a British cemetery in Ramla, Israel lies the real Harry Potter.

Private Harry Potter of the British Worcestershire Regiment was killed on July 22, 1938, during a firefight in the suburb of Hebron on the western bank of the Jordan River. The attack was a part of the ‘’Arab Uprising’’, where by the time it concluded in September 1939, more than 5,000 Arabs, over 300 Jews, and 262 Britons had been killed and at least 15,000 Arabs were wounded.”

Shortly before Harry Potter was killed he wrote the letter below to his mother, which sadly arrived the day after the family was told of his death.

“Dear Mother,

In answer to your letter, I am getting on alright. I expect to be home for Christmas. If I am not it is a bit of bad luck.
At present I am in a place we call The Pumpet. We have not got a lot of work to do at present and I hope you are alright. I hope dad is still in work. Tell Ken (his six year old brother) I am not forgetting his bike. I hope Alice (his older sister) is alright. We have been going swimming a lot lately. You perhaps have been reading the papers. I am not boasting but listen to the news on the wireless and listen to what work we in the Worcestershires have been doing. Well, I think that is all for now.

Cheerio – Crash Harry.”

According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 20 Harry Potters were deceased worldwide. You can find graves with such a name both in the sandy dunes of Libya and in the center of Europe. Only the representatives of the Commission knew about fallen soldiers until recently.

A couple of years ago a young Israeli photographer, who took pictures of cemeteries, had put a photo of this Harry Potter on the Internet.  Since then, this modest military cemetery in Ramla has experienced a record inflow mythical Potter admirers each year.

The cemetery has become so popular, it is a ‘’must see’’ on many Israel tourist websites