A Palestinian teenager admitted to Harvard on a full scholarship was held for several hours at Boston airport before being denied entry to the United States. The Harvard University Journal, The Crimson, reported that the reason behind the deportation was because there was anti-American comments place on his social media accounts by his friends.

Ismail Ajjawi, who lives in Lebanon, spent eight hours in Boston before he was required to leave. Upon arrival, Ajjawi faced questioning from immigration officials along with several other international students. While the other students were allowed to leave, Ajjawi alleges an immigration officer continued to question him about his religion and religious practices in Lebanon.

The same officer then asked him to unlock his phone and laptop, and left to search them for roughly five hours, Ajjawi alleges. After the search, the officer questioned him about his friends’ social media activity. The 17-year-old protested that the political comments on his social media accounts were shared with him by his friends and that he never published his own political views.

The US Customs and Border Protection Agency confirmed that it had refused entry to Ajjawi, but said it could not provide specific information for reasons of confidentiality and enforcement.

“This person was found to be ineligible to enter the United States on the basis of information discovered during the inspection of CBP,” said Michael McCarthy, spokesman for the agency.