After the victory of moderates in Iran with the election of Hassan Rouhani for a second term, the re-elected president of the Islamic Republic attacked the conservative camp and said in his victory speech that he intends to open his country to the West: “We want to distance ourselves from violence and extremism.”

Hassan Rouhani votes in the elections yesterday

Hassan Rouhani votes in the elections yesterday Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani pledged on Saturday to “open” Iran to the world and “provide the freedom Iran’s citizens have earned.” Rouhani was elected for another term as president of the Islamic republic after defeating conservative candidate judge Ebrahim Raisi.

In his first televised speech since his re-election was secured, Rouhani attacked the conservatives and praised supporters of reform. “Our nation’s message in the election was clear: Iran’s nation chose the path of interaction with the world, away from violence and extremism,” he said. Rouhani promised to serve as president of the entire Iranian people, not only for those who voted for him.

As reported earlier by JOL, the official Iranian media announced the victory of incumbent President Rouhani in the presidential election Saturday morning. According to the results, Rouhani won with 22.8 million votes, 7 million more votes than his hardliner rival Raisi.