Hawaii has become the first state to speak out against Trump’s new immigration ban. The executive order, which now excludes Iraq from the original list of banned countries, will come into effect on March 16.

Trump revises executive order

Trump revises executive order Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Hawaii has become the first US state to challenge US President Trump’s revised immigration travel ban. Hawaii’s Attorney General filed a claim to the state’s federal court against the new executive order that Trump signed three days ago.

Hawaii had already filed a complaint against the initial order that Trump had issued but the hearing had been postponed. Hawaii’s challenge is based on the belief that the new orders that Trump signed are likely to hurt the Muslim population in Hawaii, as well as the incoming tourism to the island.

After a federal judge blocked his initial controversial order, Trump’s new order is expected to come into effect on March 16. This time around, the order restricts entry to the United States from six- now excluding Iraq– majority Muslim nations.